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Prawn Avocado Cold Pasta

387kcal | Total Fat 23g | Protein 15g | Carbs 32g

The ripe creamy avocado and Sous Vide tender juicy prawn make a great combo with the cold pasta. You'll definitely love this dishes to refresh yourself on a hot day!


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Sous Vide Salmon

588kcal | Total Fat 36g | Protein 47g | Carbs 26g

Our H Sous Vide special - Sous Vide Salmon! You'll never know salmon can be this buttery-soft to melting tender until you taste it!


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Dragon Fruit with Seafood Salad

317kcal | Total Fat 27g | Protein 11g | Carbs9g

Astounding mixture of tropical white dragon fruit, scrumptious seafood and fresh veges, topped with our chef's signature mentaiyaki sauce.


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