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About H

H Gourmet is the first Sous Vide themed restaurant & express concept store in Malaysia. Founded by Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar and a team of experienced dieticians, H Gourmet aimed to provide not only healthy and tasty food but also cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

H can be deciphered as Healthy, Hope, Heavenly, Human, Heal, Humour, Hurry and Humble. In the HOPE of bringing a HEALTHY lifestyle to HUMANITY, our signature is using the Sous Vide cooking method, bringing healthy culinary to the next level. 

All ingredients are HUMBLY made-to-measure by our team of Chefs.

Aside from culinary skills, we have dieticians to alter our sous vide items based on calorie counting. Given the HURRY lifestyle and eat-out culture in our community, we hope to benefit our customers by introducing a healthy new norm. Take charge of your healthy diet today and let us indulge you with a good sense of HUMOUR at H GOURMET. 



How it Begins

Dr. Sharifah Halimah Jaafar, the founder of H Gourmet, also a senior gynaecologist in Johor Bahru, noticed a disturbing problem. Many of her patients had difficulty following a healthy diet. Whether they were recovering from surgery, losing weight or simply too busy to cook, many weren’t quite sure how or where to eat healthily.   

In 2019, Dr. Sharifah decided to be the solution by starting the mother’s company GWS where Malaysians can eat in or take out gourmet healthy food. Together, with a team of dietitians, a chef consultant and fitness coaches, they created the perfect menu. 



What is Sous Vide

Sous Vide is a cooking method that pays attention to precise temperature control to deliver a consistent and exquisite dining experience. 



What H Gourmet has to Offer

At H Gourmet, we are serving more than salad and chicken breast. Kimchi Chicken Soup with Shirataki and Asian Assorted Glass Noodle are two of our unexpected specialties. Besides appetisers, main courses and snacks, we join forces with local bakers to provide healthy pastries and desserts - for sweet endings!


• H Gourmet: Fine-dining and diet plan

• H Gourmet Express: Healthy food to-go (coming soon)



Keep Track of What You Consume

Download our Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) Calculator for free!



Healthy is the New Norm